Blackout Terminal

Get more out of your E-Paper.

Disasters / Blackouts are on the rise. The terrorist attack in Vienna, a “near blackout” in January 2021 and the increase in environmental disasters increase the need for information and communication and focus on the question “How can the population be informed?”
One option is: Expand your E-Paper Display and turn your DFI into a blackout terminal.

The E-Paper Display becomes a blackout terminal.

The technology of “digital radio” makes it possible. DAB+ has a so-called EWF (Emergency Warning Function) mode. This mode can be activated by the operator of the transmitter. When activated, the warning text is also transmitted. Together with the Radio Technikum  and the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS,  the disaster terminal was developed.

After the EMF alert, the following happens:

  • The DAB+ receiver in the E-Paper Display receives the warning message.
  • Passenger information is deactivated. All passenger information is deleted from the E-Paper.
  • The UMTS modem and the buttons deactivated
  • Activates the light on the Display. Rising and falling light signals the INFO point, which is visible from afar.
  • The warning text is written on the E-Paper Display.
  • Via TTS, the text is output every minute.

After the alarm situation has ended, the E-Paper Display returns to the Passenger Information.

What is DAB+
DAB+ is digital-terrestrial radio, i.e. digital radio from the transmission mast to the receiver device. It is the successor of UKW, the analog radio. In addition to the clear, digital sound without Internet costs, DAB+ offers valuable additional services such as electronic program guides, colored album covers, news or traffic information.
Unlike conventional analogue radio stations, DAB+ broadcasts several stations on one and the same frequency. This is called ensemble or multiplexes. An ensemble consists of the radio station as well as several service components or data services, which are sent individually by the radio stations.

What does EWF mean?
“Emergency Warning Functionality” – EWF for short – enables the population to be warned quickly and reliably in the event of a disaster. Whether floods, extreme storms, chemical accidents or terrorist attacks – digital radio provides information about impending dangers. The current radio program is interrupted in the event of an emergency alarm and the radios automatically switch to the warning and information channel. Radios that are in “standby mode” are automatically activated. In addition to the warning announcement, the warning message appears on the radio displays in multiple languages and with detailed instructions and hints

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