Software Solutions

Software Solutions

Software Solutions for public transport. Through our e-paper projects, we were increasingly challenged to connect our E-Paper Displays to the various background systems (IVU, INIT, etc.). Thus, handling with VDV, SIRI interfaces and other Software Solutions for public transport became daily business and ultimately a core competence of next:urban technologies GmbH. This know-how is the cornerstone for projects such as the Central Data Pool of Vienna Lines but also for many other software projects in the field of “public transport”:

  • Wiener Linien SIRI SX interface between Vienna Lines and VOR
    Here, fault messages are exchanged between the data hubs of the VOR and Wiener Linien.
  • NÖVOG – VDV interface between VOR and NÖVOG
    Via a VDV interface, the real-time data as well as data of the connection backup are exchanged between the data hubs of the VOR and the NÖVOG.
  • ÖBB – Seat reservation with E-Paper Displays
    In this pilot project, indoor E-Papers will be used for seat reservation. The reason why you choose E-Paper here is the Low Power Consumption. The battery of an E-Paper Display lasts over 3 years
  • VVT – Software for timetable notice
    In this project, the paperless Station became a reality. In this way, the data of Mentz are automatically distributed to the E-Paper Display.
  • WNSKS – Google Static Interface
    Here, next:urban took over the project support. Together with the Wiener Neustädter Verkehrsbetriebe, the GOOGLE Statis interface was realized.
  • GRAZ Lines and municipality Eisenstadt – Fault report “Light-SW”
    Here, a software was implemented that enables dispatchers in a control center to send AD-Hoc fault messages in the simplest way.
  • Wiener Linien – Beforehand-Display Client and Server Software
    More than 100 beforehead Displays are in use in the Vienna area. Next:urban programmed the whole server / client software.

But also outside the area of public transport, we have successfully implemented SW projects:

  • EUREST Bistro Content Solution for Indoor E-Paper Displays
  • Vienna Lines Bistro Content Solution for Indoor E-Paper Scoreboard
  • ÖBB interface “Booking system door signs”

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