Control Center

The Control Center from next:urban technologies GmbH enables you via the intuitive user interface

and content management

of your E-Paper DFI as well as the integration of third-party products (LED displays, etc.) The software for our Control Center is tailored to the needs of puplic transport companies. The static data of your company are mapped in so-called operating objects.

ControlCenter Schema

Your operating objects are then supplemented with stops specific parameters. For example, you can lower the volume in the evening to avoid any trouble for residents. Furthermore, put your device in sleep mode. This makes sense at a low-traffic stop against the background of energy efficiency. So the Device goes to sleep one hour after the last trip and wakes up an hour before the first trip. In sleep mode, the common timetable is displayed on the Device. Thus, the posting obligation is satisfied.

A web application is used as the front-end. Special attention was paid to simple and intuitive operation. Due to the responsible design, this application can also be used comfortable on mobile devices. The arrangement of the navigation and buttons are based on usual apps. The front-end application runs on a web server and runs in php. PostGreSQL 9.6 is used as the database. Depending on the specifications, microsoft’s IIS (usually included in Windows Server installations) or a stand-alone version of Apache can be used as a web server. The front-end is superimposed on the low-level services of the back-end and creates the necessary configuration and application files for them. The front-end is multi-tenant and therefore serves all back-end instances of a physical server. Further details on the structure and operation of the front-end can be found under “Functionalities of the software solutions”.


  • Views
    • Real-time pictpograms of the devices
    • List View
    • Map View
  • Monitoring (control)
  • Input for faults ad-hoc or planned faults
  • Mass processing (firmware, images, …)
  • Reports (KPI’s)
  • Logging
  • APP-based functionality
    • Real-time interface
    • Fahrplanschnittstelle (Mentz)
  • WEB-based USER Interface (Responsible Design)
  • Mandator management
  • User administration / authorization management
  • Multilingualism (EN / DE)
  • installation
    • On-premise
    • Cloud Service
  • Operating System
    • Windows Server
    • PHP
    • PostgreSQL
    • WEB Server (IIS or Apache)

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